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The Corporate Training and Professional Education team at USF is proud to offer corporate training directly to businesses seeking to improve the skills of their workforce. Find out how our powerful, tailored trainings can help you shore up company weaknesses, inspire team members, build company loyalty and cut down on costly turnover.

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Why Do Top Companies Invest in Corporate Training With USF?

We have a long history of partnering with leading U.S. organizations to deliver effective professional training courses to their teams. This includes Amazon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CAE USA, Centene (WellCare) Corporation and Citibank. Here are some of the many reasons successful companies seek out our corporate training programs:

  • We provide the option of on-site or live online training programs.
  • We possess the capacity to train associates on a global scale.
  • Our process improvement training has a strong history of delivering big ROI.
  • We draw on more than 25 years of experience training human resources professionals.
  • Our training keeps your employees engaged and at the top of their game.
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Why Partner with USF for Corporate Training?

Flexibility And Convenience

Pick the learning method (on-site or live online training) that best suits your team and company.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Our veteran instructors have years of teaching and workplace experience, ensuring the best training available.

In Depth Follow Up

Structured follow ups make sure employees have adopted their new skills and provides clarity on concepts they may be struggling to master.

Tailored Training

Our professional development experts work with you and your team to put together a custom program to solve your company's biggest skill gaps.

Digital Badging

Backed by USF, a major research institution, our digital badges signal that you care about your employees' development.


We offer volume discounts and group pricing to cut your company costs and train as many of your team members as possible.

The tools our team learned are more far-reaching than we could have hoped. Sparking natural curiosity and providing the tools and knowledge of application supports our leadership principles and positions us more effectively to scale with growing business demands.

From the very beginning (tailoring the program to fit our business needs, providing some of the best trainers in their fields) to the end results (attending the very first graduation we had for this program), I can't say enough about this team.

The USF Yellow, Green and Black Belt Certification courses have given our employees the tools and awareness we needed to elevate the effectiveness of our continuous improvement projects.

Cohort Instruction Empowers Your Team

Keep your team members on the same page while providing professional education instruction. Our cohort services allow us to teach groups of your employees at the same time, so they learn concepts together and foster team cohesion. Find out why cohort training is a cost-effective, powerful way to strengthen your team.

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Lunch & Learn Preview

Let us provide a free preview of our corporate training services with a Lunch & Learn session. We'll come to your company to demonstrate how we can help transform your team into a high-performing unit. There's no cost or commitment to take advantage of this service.

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Find out how our corporate training services can support your team. Download our CTPE brochure to see program options, course content, cost and more. From HR to project management to process improvement, discover the many ways we can strengthen your team.

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Small Investment, Big ROI

Dr. Shane Wentz explains how our process improvement programs are leading to higher employee retention, significant return on investment, and improved company culture for our corporate training clients.

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Find out how to tap into your team's full potential. Investing in corporate training for your employees can pay big dividends down the road with increased efficiency, team engagement and staff retention. Contact us to get started.

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