Education for Teachers

Gain the technology skills you need to thrive in the modern classroom. As the learning landscape continues to shift, take advantage of powerful tools that reward your students with an incredible education no matter how or where they’re learning.

We are proud to partner with the Florida Center for Instructional Technology to offer courses for K-12 educators. As a teacher, you’ll benefit with the latest tools and resources that have become critical in today’s classroom. Whether you teach in a remote, hybrid or traditional setting, find out how our courses can support you and your students.

Cybersecurity for K-12 Teachers

This cybersecurity course is specifically designed to meet the needs of K-12 teachers. The five-hour course is made up of multimedia modules that prepare educators to protect sensitive data and implement cyber hygiene in their teaching. You’ll walk away with many critical cyber skills:

  • Keep yourself and your students safe online.
  • Create stronger passwords to secure your information.
  • Identify and protect yourself from social engineering tactics.
  • Identify and avoid malware.
  • Implement cyber hygiene in your teaching.

This online course can be completed at your own pace. Once you finish, you’ll receive a digital badge that you can feature on your résumé and LinkedIn profile.

Female teacher taking notes in front of a laptop cybersecurity for K-12 teachers
iTeach Professional Learning

Discover how to enhance student outcomes with our iTeach Professional Learning courses. This program helps K-12 educators use digital tools and integrated technology to support learning, and all content is delivered in a convenient online format. This program includes four-week courses that are equivalent to 20 contact hours, as well as short, one-hour courses on topics that can make an immediate impact in your classroom:

  • Implementing Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) Evaluation Tools
  • TIM Classroom Observation Training
  • Bring Your Own Device 1: How and Where to Start
  • Bring Your Own Device 2: Integration Ideas and Projects
  • Integrating E-Portfolios in the K-12 Learning Environment
  • Project Based Learning (K-5)
  • Search Skills and Strategies for Research and Learning
Elementary school boy completing an online course on his laptop
Teacher Certification Exams Preparation

This online, self-paced test prep course is designed to make it easy for you to earn your best possible score on the Florida Teacher Certification Exam. The comprehensive test review includes a study guide, practice exams, additional practice questions and expert instruction that will help you walk into the exam confident you will perform well on each test section:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • English Language Skills
  • Essay subtests
Male teacher taking notes on a notepad preparing for his teacher certification exams
Using Student Assistants During Online Instruction

Find out whether an online student assistant is right for your course. If you’ve recently transitioned to online teaching and feel overwhelmed, this course may be a perfect option. Student assistants can help perform many tasks that you struggle to accomplish on your own, including testing technology prior to a session, monitoring questions from other students in the chat, pointing out technical issues, leading class discussions and more. This course offers many benefits that can quickly enhance your online education success:

Female student assistant typing on her laptop during online instruction
  • Pinpoint specific teaching strategies and new techniques.
  • Receive tips and tricks that help you implement a new teaching strategy effectively.
  • Better prepare your students for your class expectations.
  • Receive support on the most crucial components of online instruction.

The best part about this totally online course? It’s free to attend!

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