Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) Program

Emerge from the global pandemic with a cybersecurity plan designed for a new digital landscape. Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World: Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS), our online certificate program, helps you overcome security methods that became outdated at the onset of the pandemic. This course delves into foundational security principles that prepare you to take an active role in protecting companies in today's digital world.

Why Choose Our Cognizant Security Strategy Certificate Program?

The Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World: Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) Certificate program guides you to rethink how you protect an organization from online threats:

  • Analyze your security posture and preparedness.
  • Enhance your decision-making skills.
  • Learn the important difference between strategic and tactical thinking.
  • Develop an actionable roadmap for making decisions about security.
  • Take a preemptive approach to prevent threats.

In security strategy, you can't afford to act as a spectator. This course trains you to respond proactively to threats before they arise instead of solely operating in a responder role. For those in a leadership position, the program teaches you to provide direction at the strategic level, helping you resist the temptation to micromanage tactical situations.

This program is held in a live online format, so you can complete it without disrupting your current role.

What You'll Learn in Our CSS Security Program

Vulnerability Icon
Vulnerability Recognition

Identify company vulnerabilities before they're exploited.

Emerging Threats Icon
Emerging Threats

Stay up to date on emerging threats impacting businesses.

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Security Decision Making

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