Cybersecurity Essentials

Cyber threats are becoming more advanced every day, but the first line of defense is arming your organization against data breaches that target your employees. Cybersecurity Essentials is a convenient course comprised of online modules containing interactive content, videos and quizzes that prepare you to defend against cyberattacks. You complete the coursework at your own pace.

Why Choose Our Cybersecurity Essentials Course?

It is estimated that up to 90 percent of cyberattacks are successfully executed with stolen information unwittingly provided by employees. Cybersecurity Essentials teaches you to eliminate this vulnerability, protecting your company and team from security breaches caused by employee error. Designed for both small and large businesses who face equal threats, and practical for company leaders, managers and employees, this program equips you with the cybersecurity knowledge and tools essential to securing information or conducting business online:

  • Understand how to keep yourself and your business safe when online.
  • Learn to create stronger passwords to secure your information.
  • Identify and protect yourself from social engineering tactics used to exploit businesses.
  • Become proficient in identifying and avoiding malware.
  • Implement essential cybersecurity practices in your workplace immediately.

Complete the Cybersecurity Essentials course online from the convenience of home or in the office. Its modules contain interactive content, videos and quizzes to ensure that you complete the course with a firm understanding of cybersecurity concepts.

What You'll Learn in Our Cybersecurity Essentials Course

Online Safety Icon
Online Safety

Learn the foundational skills to protect yourself against threats from bad online actors.

Data Security Icon
Data Security

Discover how to prevent your business information from being accessed and stolen.

Workplace Protection Icon
Workplace Protection

Find out how to ensure everyone in your workplace is equipped with cybersecurity skills.

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