Graduate School Test Prep

Let us help you prepare for upcoming graduate school admission tests so you earn your top score and give yourself the best chance of acceptance. Our team at the Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education offers comprehensive live online courses that cover everything you need to know on the GRE, LSAT or GMAT.

Exam preparation courses from our team are led by experienced educators who know all the facets of earning a top score. This includes in-depth strategies for each specific question type, how to manage your time and steps to minimize distractions. Standardized test scores remain a deciding factor in whether you earn a seat in a competitive graduate program, so set yourself apart from other applicants with an exceptional score that gets you noticed.

GRE Review

Our convenient live online GRE prep course delivers in-depth instruction that will help you stand out from your peers on this popular entrance exam. This includes covering the quantitative, verbal and analytical writing sections of the exam.

Our GRE test prep course offers big benefits that will help you walk into the test prepared:

  • Practice the analytical writing, verbal and quantitative reasoning concepts tested on the GRE.
  • Master proven test-taking strategies, like how to attack different types of problems, use the process of elimination, manage your time and avoid common distractions.
Male college student studying for the GRE exam
  • Sharpen your skills with sample tests that measure your progress and prepare you for typical exam question types.
  • Maintain focus, discipline and accountability by studying alongside your peers.
  • Gain confidence with tips that help reduce test anxiety and keep you focused.

Our live online GRE prep course can be taken from anywhere in the world. Registering is easy, so don’t miss out on the training that can significantly boost your chances of acceptance to the graduate program you want to attend.

LSAT Review

If you’re preparing for law school, you face tough competition to win a seat in a highly regarded program. Without a strong academic foundation, particularly a high LSAT score, don’t expect admission to a tier 1 law school. Our convenient live online LSAT test prep courses cover all the critical components of a top score:

  • Logic Reasoning Topics: Gain strategies for solving each type of logical reasoning question, including inferences involving conditional statements, counter examples and the most common fallacies found in these questions.
Female college graduate preparing to take the LSAT exam
  • Analytical Reasoning Topics: See a taxonomy of analytical reasoning game types and tips for setting up each, tips for quickly representing the game’s rules in shorthand and strategies for using answers to previous questions to quickly eliminate incorrect answer choices on subsequent questions.
  • Reading Comprehension Topics: Get a full description of reading comprehension passage types, a step-by-step approach to questions, tips to identify key words in the question that indicate the correct answer and advice on recognizing the correct answer after narrowing down the choices.
GMAT Review

If you’re preparing for a program that requires the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for entry, we can help. Our live online course covers everything you need to succeed on this challenging business school admissions exam:

  • Quantitative Topics: Learn strategies for handling math questions in the data sufficiency format, techniques for picking numbers for yes/no questions in data sufficiency format, approaches to math questions presented in abstract form and tactics for translating difficult real-world word problems into algebraic expressions or equations.
  • Verbal Topics: Find out how to spot correct idiomatic speech in sentence completion problems, understand key components of arguments in critical reasoning problems and quickly answer reading comprehension questions without reading the entire passage.
Female college graduate studying to take the GMAT exam
  • Integrated Reasoning Topics: See how to interpret data from tables, graphs, text and other sources, deal with multiple questions about the same data, and analyze data from multiple columns for two-part analysis questions.

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Master Test-Taking Strategies

Find out how to attack different types of problems, utilize the process of elimination, manage your time and avoid common distractions.

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Get Academic and Mental Preparation

Review all the academic material you’ll likely encounter on the test, plus tips and tricks to help reduce test anxiety and keep your head in the game.

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Prepare With Expert Instructors

USF’s seasoned instructors have helped thousands of students achieve the best possible test scores through our comprehensive test preparation courses.

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Our affordable test-prep programs are a small investment that can qualify you for big-dollar scholarships and help you gain acceptance to your target schools.

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Our live online courses provide the quality instruction of traditional classroom lessons from the comfort and convenience of your home.