Digital Badges

The USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education is proud to offer digital badges for all of our certificate and certification programs. Highlight your new accomplishment or skill with these credentials that can be displayed, accessed and verified online.

How Do USF Digital Certificate Badges Work?

When you successfully complete a USF course, certification or certificate program, you will receive an invitation from Credly, where you can accept your badge. You will also receive a digital certificate badge to signify earned skills when you complete an individual course. Stack-A-Bull badges designate completion of individual courses, and they can be combined, or stacked, to indicate a series of related courses that contribute to a larger certificate program.

I plan to use my digital badge to enhance my resume and LinkedIn page. I hope my badge will attract my dream employer!

How Stack-a-Bull Badges Work

Digital Credentials Credly

Receive Credly Invite

 USF Certificate Badge
USF Certificate Badge.

Accept Your Badge

Person displaying digital badges on the social profile.

Display Badges

USF stack-a-bull badges

Stack Related Badges

Why Claim Your Digital Badge?

  • Display on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Include in email signatures or electronic copies of a résumé.
  • Access these digital badges without any fee.
  • Receive printed certificates upon request.
  • Showcase your credentials to colleagues, managers and potential employers.