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With unemployment so low, competition between businesses and industries for hard-working employees is at an all-time high. Supply chain issues have increased material costs. Consumer behaviors are changing. New competitive businesses like rideshare are cutting into profits. In an industry with historically low profitability, is your business equipped with the leadership to overcome these challenges?

This accelerated 100% online program moves at the speed of business to guide hospitality business leaders to address these core challenges to profitability. Built from the ground up with direct input and instruction from successful business and hospitality leaders, this applied training program walks managers and owners through creating a plan for growing profits, developing processes that free them to focus their work “on-the-business and not just “in-the-business,” and creating a culture that prevents burnout and inspires loyalty from employees and guest alike.



Why Choose USFSP’s Hospitality Leadership Program?

Growing Company Icon

The organization can’t grow just by cutting costs.

Create an action plan for growing sales.

Workplace Culture

People quit their bosses, not their jobs.

Create a culture that fosters employee and guest loyalty.

Have More Time

Life is too short to work 100 hours every week.

Plan for crisis and have more time.

Built by Hospitality Industry Practitioners

We performed an extensive needs assessment with local business leaders in hospitality management and put them in charge of developing the curriculum. Our instructors are industry practitioners and the content comes directly from people working in the industry. Our lead instructor takes a consultant-like approach in working directly with participants on their business’ challenges and opportunities. By combining industry expertise with the resources of USF, we deliver a leadership development program that guides participants to immediately apply what they learn.

Attract & Retain Workers

Current economic conditions dictate that workers have choices. This coupled with rising minimum wages means the cost of labor is increasing. This program helps participants create a plan to manage these costs and the growth of the business, while creating a culture that inspires employees to stay loyal.

Create a plan for growing profits

The training program walks participants through a process for analyzing P&L statements and forecasting profitability based on specific scenarios unique to their business.

Increase leader effectiveness

Leadership impacts every line in a P&L. So why do leaders spend so much time putting out fires and managing crisis? Through this program, leaders will create and re-think processes in every area of their business to create more time for them to focus on the strategic goals of the business.

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