5 Apps to Help You Study for Test Day

Last updated: Apr 24, 2020

Your preparation for standardized tests will be interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. No question about it. The lockdown has removed the possibility of enrolling in high-quality on-campus test prep courses and potentially will delay your scheduled test date. But you have an excellent emergency workaround: You can maintain social distancing while achieving your best score on any of the admission exams for undergraduate and graduate school when you use one (or more) of these 5 apps to help you study for test day.

young woman sitting at a table with study materials. she is using an LSAT study app on her phone to study.

First, Check Whether Your Test Date Has Been Changed

The coronavirus has prompted scheduling changes for standardized tests and admissions exams. The uncertainty of the health crisis means final dates, online availability, and administrative decisions remain in flux, so check in with your testing agency often for updates, as well as the schools where you plan to apply for admission. Their testing policies may have been altered temporarily. 


Check these websites:

young woman sitting on her bed and using an SAT study app on her tabletSecond, Upload the Apps to Prep for Your Test

The quarantine might make them a necessity now, but our recommended test preparation apps also offer a fun and effective supplement to live online prep classes and study groups when those traditional methods become available again. Most of these apps are free and downloadable on most devices.


5 SAT Study Apps

These apps will help high school students preparing to apply to college gain SAT test-taking skills at their convenience.  


  1. Khan Academy SAT: An official tutoring partner with the CollegeBoard, Khan Academy is respected for getting students ready for the math section.
  2. Daily Practice by CollegeBoard: Answer a question a day or complete a full practice test on an app designed by the company that administers the SAT. 
  3. SAT Vocab by MindSnacks: Nine minigames help you master SAT vocabulary.
  4. Ready4 SAT: Learn critical concepts and track your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on the elements you need to study.
  5. SAT Vocab Genius: In a flashcard format, a customized algorithm repeats common SAT words in various contexts.


5 ACT Study Apps

With the vibe of a game app, these test-prep tools diagnose your weaker areas and get you ready for the ACT exam.  


  1. ACT Online Prep: The official ACT test prep app tailors content for you and predicts your ACT score
  2. Magoosh ACT Flashcards: Improve your recall by memorizing content for the math, science, and English sections.  
  3. The Grading Game: This engaging proofreading game teaches you to spot and correct grammar, construction, and spelling errors.
  4. Math Brain Booster: Challenging games refresh and accelerate your basic arithmetic skills.
  5. ACT Pocket Prep: This app personalizes study sections and practice exams, with content that gets harder as you improve your skills.  


5 LSAT Study Apps

Pure practice is one thing, but if you’re gunning for a 180 on the LSAT, you need the useful, engaging, and skill-building content designed into these apps.


  1. LSAT Max: Created by a Harvard Law School grad, this app is a full prep course, with daily drills and message boards so studying alone feels less isolating.
  2. 7Sage LSAT Prep: Videos guide you to nail every logic game, and a virtual proctor keeps it real.  
  3. Varsity Tutors LSAT Prep: Strengthen your logical reasoning and reading comprehension and track your progress with full-length, timed practice tests.
  4. Magoosh LSAT Prep/Flashcards: Focus on the 190 most important LSAT concepts and the language you really need to reach that top score.
  5. NerdCoach LSAT Trainer: Mobile games train you to think critically in one-minute study sessions packed with cognitive and test-taking skills.


5 GRE Study Apps

When you need to prove you’re the right candidate for your target grad school programs, these apps evaluate and sharpen your skills for the GRE.


  1. Galvanize GRE Prep: Practice verbal and quant questions and stoke your competitive fires by comparing your progress with that of other students.
  2. Barron’s 1100 for GRE: Build your vocabulary in a meaningful way with word lists, flashcards, and quizzes that help you use words in context.
  3. Brainscape Flashcards: Rate how well you know a concept, and the app creates customized GRE flashcard quizzes for you.  
  4. IntelliVocab for GRE: The more you quiz yourself on the 4,800 words covered by this app, the better it pinpoints your training program.  
  5. Ready4 GRE: With thousands of GRE test questions and detailed explanations, this app offers multiple formats: question-a-day, quizzes, and full tests.


5 GMAT Study Apps

In the hunt for an MBA program? These GMAT prep apps will help you brush up on the verbal and quantitative reasoning skills you need to earn your spot at business school.


  1. GMAT 2020 Prep: Review video lectures, previous year papers, mock tests, shortcuts, and tricks.
  2. GMAT Test Pro 2020: Zero in on your soft spots with 3,000 practice questions from expert tutors.  
  3. GMAT Idiom Flashcards: No need to fear the sentence correction section, with progressively more challenging practice questions.  
  4. GMAT Math Flashcards: Master the formulas and avoid common mistakes in the quant section, with content written by expert GMAT math tutors.
  5. The Economist GMAT Tutor Prep: Adaptive learning technology targets your trouble areas; ask-a-tutor messaging keeps you connected.

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Even from a Safe Distance, USF Is Here to Help  

USF’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education is pleased to offer several of our expert test prep courses remotely, with live-online instruction.


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