FTCE Prep: Ace Your Florida Teacher Certification Exam

Last updated: Jan 17, 2023

If you’re interested in shaping lives as an educator, you have a straightforward path to becoming a Florida teacher. Along with holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited or approved institution, you just need to pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) or Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) to teach in all public schools and many private ones. Even if you don’t plan to take a position that requires you to lecture from the front of a classroom, all educators must pass the appropriate exam. This includes classroom teachers, administrators, college counselors, media specialists, and other support professionals.


Educators can make a tremendous impact on their students’ lives. The FTCE and FELE simply help the state confirm your preparedness to teach by assessing your skills and knowledge in the appropriate subject area. If you want to get into teaching, take advantage of our FTCE prep tips that will help you ace the exam and prepare for a rewarding career as a Florida educator.


Pick the Right Florida Teacher Certification Exam

To start, you need to make sure you’re taking the correct Florida Teacher Certification Exam. The FTCE actually includes more than 40 test options. This is broken down by several categories:

  • General knowledge
  • Professional education competence
  • Educational leadership
  • Subject-area knowledge

The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) explains that the Bureau of Educator Certification (BEC) determines your testing requirements after you submit an application for certification.


With so many test options, the FLDOE offers a convenient guide of all the tests you may be required to take, depending on your application. Once the BEC tells you which exam you must pass to gain your teaching certificate, you can review this guide to get a peek into which content you need to master.


Female looking at a laptop and taking notes while studying to pass the Florida Teacher Certification Exam.

Know the Exam Format

Once you find out which exam you’ll be taking and the knowledge being tested, it’s time to learn about the test format. Not all FTCE exams have the same layout, number of questions, scheduled breaks, or even examination length. Fortunately, the FLDOE offers a FTCE Test Structure Information Guide that offers all those details.


It’s important to note that teacher certification exam scores are reported as pass/fail. A numeric grade will not be provided because this test is only designed to determine if test takers meet a certain baseline knowledge. An exact score could be used for making hiring and promotion decisions, which is not the purpose of the FTCE.


Take Advantage of Exam Guides and Practice Tests

If you’re prepping to pass the FTCE or FELE, you don’t have to go into the exam blind. Test Information Guides are available for each specific exam. These guides can make a major impact on your chances of passing because they offer a comprehensive overview of what to expect, along with prep resources:

  • Description of the test
  • List of competencies and skills tested
  • Sample test items
  • Reference sheet (if applicable)

Explore the Test Information Guides to start prepping for your upcoming exam.


Reserve a Convenient Date and Location

Once you feel prepared, it’s easy to take the FTCE exam at a location and date that’s convenient for you. The FTCE is offered at sites throughout the state of Florida, so finding a convenient location shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, examinations are available throughout the year by appointment from Monday through Saturday, with the exception of holidays.


Ready to schedule your FTCE or FELE exam? Find a test center today.


Manage Your Exam Anxiety

Although the FTCE and FELE are pass/fail exams that only require you to exhibit a baseline of knowledge, they can still place a lot of pressure on you. Your career depends on first passing this exam, so you may feel tremendous stress leading up to test day.


Fortunately, you can use some powerful test-taking tips to stay relaxed and better prepare:


Teacher helping his student with his homework after passing the FTCE.

Remember That Retakes Are an Option

Not feeling confident that you’ll pass your upcoming FTCE or FELE exam? Don’t worry! You can retake a test that you didn’t pass as many times as necessary until you do receive a passing score.


For some exams, you may even retake only the subtest or section that you didn’t pass. For all other exams, you must retake the entire test. The only condition for retesting is that you must wait 31 days.


Need some support as you’re prepping for the FTCE? We can help! Our team at USF offers affordable, online test prep courses designed to prepare you to pass the Professional Education and the General Knowledge exams. This includes help on the Reading, Math, English Language Skills, and Essay subtests of the FTCE.


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