Test Prep Provides Tools for Success

Last updated: Jan 17, 2023

It’s back to school! Here at the University of South Florida, the fall semester is already in full swing. I had the privilege of attending the recent Town Hall gathering at the Tampa campus. There, our leadership team presented some very compelling data. USF has just welcomed its largest-ever and best-qualified class of first-year students. Sixty-five thousand applications were received—an increase of 15% from last year. The average SAT score of applicants? An impressive 1309. Our new students have arrived prepared to succeed.

Getting accepted to the college of your choice—or passing a SHRM exam—is not easy. Competition abounds! Competency tests remain significant indicators of readiness for undergraduate degrees, post-graduate degrees, and in attaining professional certifications. An SAT score is important. It can determine one’s eligibility for a Bright Futures scholarship and discounted tuition here in Florida. In short, tests communicate preparation to admissions offices and proficiency to bodies overseeing trade standards.


Some people ask why USF Corporate Training and Professional Education offers test prep as part of our programming. That’s easy to answer. We see it as a connection to workforce development, tying into the lifetime learning affinity model we champion. This is why we provide SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT test prep for students, and human resources and project management test prep for those industries’ credentials. These certifications make a difference, boosting professionals to greater levels of expertise and income potential.


As an auxiliary unit of USF Innovative Education, USF Testing Services provides testing sites for the student body but, to a greater extent, is a resource to the greater community. The office administers a variety of placement, certification, licensure, and pre-employment exams. At the height of COVID-19, the office was open in a limited capacity but helped people graduate on time and upskill and reskill during the turbulent period. Staffed by a team of test administration specialists, USF Testing Services has been awarded with Test Center Certification status by the National College Testing Association for its professionalism and customer service.


Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Our sixteenth president understood, when taking on a formidable task, preparation was key to implementation. It’s our objective to prepare students and professionals for their respective tests thoroughly, efficiently, and cost effectively. We want you to have the difference-making edge. Whether you’re trying to get into your dream school or reach that sweet career-enhancing credential, we can help you prepare for success!


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