Online Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Resources

Last updated: Jan 17, 2023

While the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down, there are a few positive aspects of this long, strange year that are likely to stick around. Chief among them are remote work, online training, and online resources, particularly in the process improvement arena. If you’re ready to upskill and explore new developments in the field, check out some of our favorite online Lean Six Sigma and process improvement resources.


Quality Glossary

Ever use Urban Dictionary to translate your kids’ latest slang phrase or acronym? ASQ’s Quality Glossary is the equivalent for process improvement terminology. It’s a quick way to get up to speed on Six Sigma definitions for everything from acceptance quality limits to zero defects.

Female student taking an online Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement course on her laptop.


Because you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already familiar with USFs Career Charge blog, which offers insightful posts on process improvement and other trending business topics. But you can get a range of perspectives by exploring some of the other process improvement blogs written by experts in the field:


  • Cofounder of Gemba Academy and renowned lean practitioner, Kevin Meyer provides a thought-provoking blog on process improvement and Lean leadership.
  • Christopher Roser, a professor of production management, shares decades of experience and knowledge in process improvement on his blog.
  • Lean consultant Katie Anderson shares her expertise through her process improvement blog, which includes dozens of posts, podcasts, interviews, and articles.
  • The Quality Gurus blog is dedicated to helping you prepare to advance your career in process improvement.
  • KaiNexus: This prolific blog is focused on the kaizen improvement concept.


Case Studies & Articles

One of the most helpful resources in the process improvement toolbox are online case studies. Learning from other companies’ experiences can help you avoid reinventing the wheel, explore better methods of implementing process improvement initiatives, prevent unintended outcomes, and more.


A good source is ASQ, which provides a searchable repository of free and paid case studies from its industry-leading publications, including Lean & Six Sigma Review, American Productivity & Quality Center, and the Journal of Quality Technology. Articles from these same publications are also available on the ASQ website.


Quality Tools and Templates

Quality tools are defined as an instrument or technique to support and improve the activities of quality management and improvement. ASQ's quality tools can help you find new ways to identify causes, understand processes, collect and analyze data, generate ideas, keep projects on track, and make informed decisions for all of your continuous improvement activities.



ASQ offers a vast collection of members-only and free webcasts that feature authors, editors, speakers, sponsors, and other subject matter experts delivering recorded presentations to share their knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned. Their YouTube channel also offers a variety of videos touching on the same topics and provides ways to learn without the need to travel to expensive, far-away conferences and trainings.


Female manager exploring online Lean Six Sigma and process improvement resources on her laptop.

Online Training

Gaining the skills to increase profits, decrease costs, and improve efficiency has never been easier. Training providers (including USF) transitioned to online course delivery during the pandemic, and most will continue using this method going forward. The result? You can learn from anywhere.


At USF, you can choose from the introductory Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, the intermediate Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, or the advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. No matter which certification you choose, you’ll build your résumé and become an indispensable asset to your organization by learning how to remove waste and solve problems caused by business processes.


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