Thankful at Every Level

Last updated: Jan 17, 2023

Another calendar year heads into the home stretch. Before you know it, 2022 will be here. At the present, though, my thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving season—and the significance of its commemoration. As Director of USF Corporate Training and Professional Education, I continue to live out a dream. I am privileged to hold a position that allows me to pursue my career passion for lifelong learning and workforce development. I would like to recognize a collection of people that, throughout the year, works diligently toward our office’s mission.    


I am thankful Dr. Cynthia DeLuca, my current supervisor and Associate Vice President of Innovative Education at USF. She shares in our unit’s vision, understanding the unlimited potential of workforce development and micro-credentialing in the 21st century. Dr. DeLuca’s belief in our team allows us to function with freedom, creativity, and boldness. This allows me, as a director, to be an out-of-the-box thinker, to continuously seek ways to improve our operations. A great deal of our office’s success stems from unflagging support.


I am thankful for the members of my immediate leadership team, whom continue to serve as the office’s primary think tank. They make up my inner circle and create an environment of trust, where we can freely discuss, propose, make decisions—and disagree with one another. This is a group of experienced, duly-qualified individuals in which I have full confidence. They provide steadiness to the office and are largely responsible for the open, collaborative working style we are able to enjoy.


I am thankful for the entire USF Corporate Training and Professional Training staff. We have recently added new personnel and it has allowed us to expand our capacity. We are firmly committed to providing the very best workforce development training possible—in areas of both open enrollment and corporate training. I am honored to work with a team of highly-competent people that makes our office function—and this includes our talented team of instructors, gifted students, and devoted partners.


Our office continues to grow its business every year. It hasn’t been easy, though, as we contend with market pressures and pandemic effects. Still, I remain grateful because we have become stronger for the experience. I look forward to the long Thanksgiving weekend—the family table full of food and warm company. And throughout the time away from the office, I will count my blessings. It is my fervent wish that you, too, will take some time during the holiday and reflect on the blessings in your life. At every level, I am thankful.