Director's Corner

Traditional College Degree Still Opens Career Doors

Most US adults end up working 40-plus years. That’s a long time, which means it’s critical to navigate a course for a fulfilling career. At USF, we like to talk about our Lifetime Learning Affinity Model and its benefits—academic, professional, and personal—for the duration of an individual’s life. Here, I’d like to specifically speak to its potential application for those with a traditional college degree or those who wish to pursue one. In future blog entries, I’ll address two other routes for careers, programs for “new collar” work, as well as manual trades.

Quality Youth Experiences for a Bright Future

If you’re the parent of school-aged children it’s not too early to begin planning their summer schedule now. Wait, I know what you’re thinking! Didn’t we ring in 2023 only a few weeks ago? The end of the school year is only a handful of months away…and that means youth summer camps are just around the corner! I want to highlight the front end of the lifelong affinity education model, where individuals are geared to educational opportunities at virtually every phase of the lifecycle from a centralized institution such as the University of South Florida.

Making Employee Engagement a Priority

It’s no secret that Tampa Bay has become a destination for relocating technology firms and investors. Favorable tax structures and pro-business policies are attracting these companies along with skilled employees. The region is a blossoming tech hub. And this is a boon for our area—especially in this post-pandemic environment. Regardless of the work sector, companies have had to take a long, hard look in the mirror to reassess what it takes to remain competitive—and successful—in a decidedly altered landscape.

Retire from Work? Yes! Retire from Learning and Developing? Never!

Introducing OLLI!

Those of you familiar with my blog entries know I frequently beat the drum for lifelong learning, usually to promote professional training that leads to career and workforce development. This time I will call your attention to the importance of education and progress when the job-related phase of life has ended and, in doing so, highlight the important work of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at USF. As one of 125 national OLLI units, the USF division offers quality, budget-friendly, non-credit programming to Tampa Bay’s 50+ demographic.

Career Path: Getting Ahead of the Curve with Lifelong Affinity Education

In my last blog entry, I conveyed my vision for a lifelong affinity education model—one where institutes of higher learning serve as local hubs, offering a range of programming to engage populations at virtually every phase of the life cycle. At the University of South Florida, there is already infrastructure toward this end—even as there is unlimited potential for future development. In the Information Age, such a concept is a benefit to society. We want you to find something compelling here—whether your age is five or 85.


The Model of Lifelong Learning

Embedded within my position as director of University of South Florida’s Corporate Training and Professional Education is a broader, encompassing philosophy that advocates for ongoing learning. My vision is one where institutes of higher learning become the go-to hubs of a lifelong affinity education model. This becomes critical as fields of knowledge rapidly increase due to the exponential growth of technological capacity and its access.

Thankful at Every Level

Another calendar year heads into the home stretch. Before you know it, 2022 will be here. At the present, though, my thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving season—and the significance of its commemoration. As Director of USF Corporate Training and Professional Education, I continue to live out a dream. I am privileged to hold a position that allows me to pursue my career passion for lifelong learning and workforce development. I would like to recognize a collection of people that, throughout the year, works diligently toward our office’s mission.    

Corporate Partnerships That Go the Distance

As a board member of the National Council for Continuing Education & Training, I recently had the privilege to sit for an interview with The EvoLLLution, a publication devoted to advancing higher education. I offered a philosophical track that continuing education units can take to establish long-term training agreements. I would like to summarize the interview to offer a peek into the mindset of USF Corporate Training and Professional Education as we form corporate partnerships to upskill and reskill the modern workforce.