Corporate Partnerships That Go the Distance

Last updated: Jan 17, 2023

As a board member of the National Council for Continuing Education & Training, I recently had the privilege to sit for an interview with The EvoLLLution, a publication devoted to advancing higher education. I offered a philosophical track that continuing education units can take to establish long-term training agreements. I would like to summarize the interview to offer a peek into the mindset of USF Corporate Training and Professional Education as we form corporate partnerships to upskill and reskill the modern workforce.


Corporate Training Objectives

When it comes to corporate training, the objective is plain: Our team aims to solve companies’ problems. To do this, we have to listen carefully to the needs of the client. Then, we can clearly articulate how we’re able to provide corresponding solutions.


We want to be part of the client’s overall journey. It is not about getting into “one and done” agreements with companies. We are confident that, with the quality, variety, and depth of our offerings, partnerships can be established and maintained for the future. That’s stated at the beginning of the conversation.


Partnership Expectations

When the partnership begins, it’s critical that we deliver on our end of the deal. Our staff takes pride in meeting client needs, from soup to nuts. The focal point is high-quality training, which begins with our outstanding instructors who are real-world subject-matter experts, and it extends to all areas of client guidance and support. It’s important that expectations are met and there is accountability. We want the training that we give to be utilized, making tangible differences for that company. The payoff of the training often makes an immediate impact.


It bears mentioning, too, that time is of the essence in the world of corporate training. As a continuing education unit, it’s imperative we proceed at a pace our clients expect. It’s not just a matter of consistently delivering the services our partners are counting on, but fulfilling those services in a timely manner — and in a way that’s flexible. Especially now, flexibility counts as companies adapt to the fast-changing nature of the economy. We will always strive to move at the speed of business while staying attentive to the details.  


Building Successful Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships rooted in substance, transparency, and performance are built to go the distance. But it takes deliberate, consistent effort. We have to be great listeners, honest, and willing to follow through. We’re out to develop mutually beneficial relationships — and that means partnering for the whole journey. In the world of corporate training, relationships will form when a pattern of reliable support establishes trust.


Ultimately, our goal at USF Corporate Training and Professional Education is to help encourage the current and future generations of the workforce to become lifelong learners who always have the skill set to be competitive. As a business unit dedicated to the workforce of the future, this is our guiding vision.


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