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Remote Hiring and Onboarding Now in Play

In continuing upon the theme of employee engagement from my last few blog entries, I will offer a perspective around remote hiring and onboarding. I’m prompted by the peculiar circumstances many of us find ourselves in. While the economy recovers and—as a result—hiring numbers increase, social-distancing efforts remain in place in many work settings to mitigate the pandemic’s infection rate. Large numbers of employees—used to the usual Monday-Friday office routine—operate, for now, from home.

Is Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace More Important Than Ever?

The job of a leader is to create the environment in which the people they manage can be at their best. That often means adapting, using different behavioral styles, and leaning into behaviors that are uncomfortable. Those skills and behaviors take a high degree of emotional intelligence, which was all the more challenging in 2020. Keep reading to see how the past year tested us all and why strong communication, emotional control, work-life balance, and empathy will be key as we continue to recover.

Employee Engagement—Getting It Right From the Start

There’s an old golf adage that says you don’t win a tournament on the first day but you can lose it. The first point implies a good opening round doesn’t guarantee a player’s success for the remaining ones; the second that a less-than-auspicious opening will prove difficult to overcome. My last blog entry dealt with a leader’s ability to personally connect as a key to employee engagement. It occurred to me, though—backtracking to the importance of the onboarding process would be an appropriate prequel of sorts.

Managers Guide: How to Help a Grieving Employee

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a manager is how to help a grieving employee. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has only added several more wrinkles to this already difficult situation. Individuals who lost family members due to the coronavirus may not have been by their relative’s side as they passed away. Funerals and family events meant to provide closure have often been delayed. Typical activities and ways to cope with loss, such as surrounding oneself with friends and getting out, are discouraged in the current health crisis.

Employee Engagement Past and Present: More in Common Than Different

“Any plans this weekend?” “That was some game last night!” The concept of “water-cooler talk” serves a beneficial purpose. Of course, I’m speaking of those friendly, non-job-related conversations that spring up at work. Some of my most-treasured memories have been impromptu talks with co-workers in the hallway—or in the break room as I waited for my food to come out of the microwave. These types of experiences go a long way toward employee engagement—an important benchmark for a leader to fulfill.

Continuing Education as an Investment in Yourself

The belief that our days in the classroom come to a close following high school, trade school, or college is, undoubtedly, a thing of the past. Here’s what Peter Drucker, the managerial expert whose ideas helped shape modern business concepts, said: “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.” And because change is certain, it’s necessary to instill a mindset of perpetual learning—seeing it as an open-ended process—to capably adapt as your career goes forward.

5 Skills of Successful Project Managers

Whether you chose project management early on or fell into the role later in your career, organization, time management, and planning likely come naturally to you. It’s why you’re a project manager, after all. But shepherding projects across the finish line in today’s ever-evolving business landscape requires more than just traditional competencies. To take your effectiveness to the next level, make sure you’ve honed these 5 skills of successful project managers.

How to Recruit Gen Z Employees

Now that millennials are mid-career and you’ve finally figured out how they think, it’s time to focus on the next generational wave: Gen Z. The oldest members of this cohort are already working, and 60 million more will be entering the workforce in the next decade. Are you ready for them? We’ll show you how to recruit Gen Z employees by helping you understand who they are, what they value, and what they want from a job.

Resilience in 2021, Resilience Always

If you’re familiar with the plot of Homer’s epic The Odyssey, you know its protagonist, Odysseus, is a compelling character. Enduring storms, monsters, and other formidable obstacles, he manages to steer himself and his fleet back home to Ithaca after the Greek victory in the Trojan War. His successful return isn’t possible without a number of shrewd dealings and fortunate interventions. The perilous voyage takes 10 years to complete! Odysseus is nothing if not resilient.

A Reminder to Be Thankful—Even in 2020!

In composing this year’s annual Thanksgiving blog, I’ve been reflecting upon the historic events of the past 11 months. Mutually, our country has gone through the wringer. Spring brought the ongoing pandemic along with many life-altering modifications. Then, summer saw social divisions resurface and escalate. And fall culminated in a contentious election season. Emotions have been running high. Despite its challenging nature, however, 2020 has reminded me of the blessings I’m thankful for.