K-12 Education

How EdTech Tools Can Help Deliver Personalized Learning Experiences

The range of reading abilities in a first-grade classroom can run the gamut; some students devour lengthy chapter books with ease, while others struggle to decode consonant-vowel-consonant words. For this reason, teachers have long employed differentiated instruction to meet students where they are and keep them engaged.


The pandemic, with its varied student experiences, has only heightened the need for a more tailored approach. Indeed, while distance learning foregrounded edtech in conversations about education, the growing push for more targeted teaching is keeping it there. Read on to find out how edtech tools can help deliver personalized learning experiences.


The Best Apps for K-12 Teachers

Across the world, the pandemic dramatically transformed education this past year, as schools shuttered and students and teachers alike logged into virtual classrooms. While this upcoming school year will bring a return to in-person learning across the U.S., the digital classroom is here to stay. The tools teachers mastered for distance learning can also help boost student engagement, sharpen assessment, and help with classroom organization and equity. Here’s a look at some of the best apps for K-12 teachers.

Top 5 K-12 Cybersecurity Threats Schools Are Facing

In the digital age, no organization is immune to cybersecurity threats, but K-12 schools can be especially vulnerable. Incidents were already on the rise prior to the start of the pandemic, and the rapid transition to online learning last spring markedly increased opportunities for mischief. The good news? There are plenty of ways to protect students, staff and systems. We’ll explore the top 5 K-12 cybersecurity threats schools are facing, why they’re occurring, and what can be done to stop attacks in their tracks.


Why Every Teacher Needs an EdTech Strategy

Even as more and more students return to in-class education, it’s clear that online and tech-enabled learning is here to stay. The convenience, safety, and accessibility make it a highly valuable method of reaching students no matter where they are. For those who want to be prepared and increase their skill level as an educator in today’s shifting learning environment, it’s easy to see why every teacher needs an edtech strategy.