Corporate Training

Types of Corporate Training Programs

If your company is one of the 83% of organizations planning or already offering corporate training programs this year, your participation could put you on the pathway to advancement. You’ll gain new competencies and a competitive advantage for promotions. But how do you determine which professional development course and structure will be the best fit for your career? Compare traditional and emerging types of corporate training programs that can help you build the skills you need for the workplace of the future.

5 Proven Employee Motivation Strategies

A motivated employee is more engaged, and an engaged employee is more productive. Gallup calculations on the U.S. workplace indicate 34 percent of workers are engaged (a survey high), 13 percent are “actively disengaged” (a new low – in a good way), and that engagement is a key driver of positive business outcomes. Ready to engage? Explore our 5 proven employee motivation strategies.