Daniel Goodson

Daniel Goodson

Daniel Goodson is a former Content Developer for USF’s Office of Innovative Education. He enjoys helping students and their families streamline the college application process by sharing new trends that impact outreach, applying, and admissions.

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Essential Skills and Training Needed to Grow Your Career

With the current economic downturn, the job market has never been more competitive. According to a Pew Research article, 25 percent of adults in the U.S. say they or someone in their household lost their job. In these difficult times, companies are being more cautious with their hiring than ever. Give yourself the edge you need to stand out among competing applicants by showing that you possess all the right skills for career growth.

5 Tips for Remote Depositions

The COVID-19 pandemic may have sent many industries into a screeching halt, but not the legal profession. In these times of health uncertainty, the judicial system has had to find ways to ensure the wheels of justice still turn. Like other industries, law has incorporated the use of remote services to perform necessary functions, and this includes depositions.

Why Every Teacher Needs an EdTech Strategy

Even as more and more students return to in-class education, it’s clear that online and tech-enabled learning is here to stay. The convenience, safety, and accessibility make it a highly valuable method of reaching students no matter where they are. For those who want to be prepared and increase their skill level as an educator in today’s shifting learning environment, it’s easy to see why every teacher needs an edtech strategy.

3 Common Obstacles to Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement sounds like such an elegant, straightforward concept: You simply identify, analyze, and improve current business processes to strengthen performance, hit best-practice standards, and boost the end-user experience. When you’re done, you’ll enjoy higher productivity and efficiency while cutting down on errors and waste. What could go wrong?